• Sin É (map)
  • 15 Ormond Quay Upper
  • Dublin 1
  • Ireland

As part of this years third annual 'James Connolly Festival', the Connolly Youth Movement presents;

LEFT HOOK - A Night of Anti-Fascist Music & Poetry




With four years of experience of playing venues from Aberdeen, to London and across to Europe, Calum has received praise, admiration and recognition along the way. He writes and sings his own particular style of folky-blues formed from tales of love and woe, heartfelt political commentaries and social observations.



Revolution in rhyme. The feminine heart pumping Irish blood. Hiphop. Bodhrán. Poetry.

“…one of the countrys most exciting and provocative solo performers in any musical style.” – RTÉ



"As far as guitars go, nothing beats the acoustic guitar when it’s played expertly. Eoin Martin, from Offaly, is such an expert. He plays so beautifully and accomplished that he cannot fail to impress.

-MRU Magazine




€5 entry

Sin é